Peter W. Likins Inclusive Excellence Awards & Richard Ruiz Diversity Leadership Award: Application Guidelines

The deadline has been extended to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 18, 2016.

Incomplete nominations will not be considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate?

Current UA employees and students

Who is eligible for this award?

Current UA staff, faculty, and students. Past recipients of an Inclusive Excellence Award are ineligible for future nomination.

What are the nomination criteria?

Nominee (individual, team, or unit/organization) has demonstrated a significant contribution toward creating a diverse and inclusive UA community through the implementation of policies, procedures, initiatives, and/or programs in one or more of the following areas:

  • Recruitment and retention of an excellent and diverse faculty, staff, or student body
  • Fostering equality of opportunity within our campus community
  • Encouraging diverse perspectives on our campus
  • Creating a welcoming and supportive campus climate through efforts such as visibility, communication, and education
  • Other areas critical to establishing inclusive excellence at The University of Arizona

Nomination Categories

You may nominate candidates in multiple categories:

Student Award

Individual Student, Student Clubs/Organizations

  • Students must be currently enrolled as UA undergraduate or graduate students at the time of their nomination
  • Student clubs or organizations must be currently recognized by the University
  • Student Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Staff Award

Individual Staff, Staff Team, Staff Organization , or Non-Academic Unit

  • Staff must be current UA employees at the time of their nomination
  • Staff teams composed of staff who are not within the same unit or organization
  • Academic support/Non–academic units may be organizational units or departments
  • Staff Nomination Form (PDF)

Academic Program Award

Faculty Team, Faculty Organization, or Academic Unit/Program

  • Faculty teams consist of Interdisciplinary faculty teams or teams composed of faculty who are not within the same unit or organization
  • Academic units may be colleges, departments, or other organizational units
  • Academic Program Award Nomination Form (PDF)

Richard Ruiz Diversity Leadership Faculty Award

Individual Faculty Member

Supplemental Form

The Supplemental Form should be used for team nominations.  It is not required for academic department or faculty organization nominations. 

Use this Supplemental Form to submit additional members' names for a team nomination. (PDF)

Who do I Contact If I Have Questions?

You may contact the Programs for Inclusive Excellence at or (520) 626.5502.

Inclusive excellence is a term originated by Clayton-Pederson, A. and McTighe-Musil, C. (2005). Defining “Inclusive Excellence.” Making Excellence Inclusive: Preparing Students and Campuses for an Era of Greater Expectations. 6-9: Association of American Colleges and Universities.