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The Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence (ODIEX) supports initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in our campus community.  Competitive funding is provided for projects that align with one or more of ODIEX’s strategic priorities listed below under submission criteria.

Typical awards range between $500-$5,000 and must be used in the current fiscal year. Use of funding must comply with all UA and Office of the Provost policies and procedures. Funds cannot be used for political organizations or events.  ODIEX cannot fund groups or organizations not affiliated with a UA department/unit.  We cannot provide support for alcohol, door prizes, gifts, donations, or any other use prohibited by UA policy. 

Please note that the funding request process outlined here for the Fall 2018 Round 1 will be changing for Fall 2018 Round 2.  What is presented on these pages is just an interim process.  For Fall 2018 Round 2, all submissions will need to be submitted electronically using the UA Competition Space platform.  Please check back here for additional information about this change. In the meantime, please follow the process outlined below for submissions for Fall 2018 Round 1 that are due on September 7, 2018, by 5:00 p.m..



UA departments, programs, student groups, and individual faculty, staff and students are eligible to apply for ODIEX funding.  Student groups must officially be part of a UA office or department.  Funding is available for programs/initiatives/events, guest speaker travel, and conference or other travel for UA faculty/staff/students where the primary beneficiary is the University of Arizona rather than the individual.  Those submitting proposals to fund programs/initiatives/events must get a letter of support from an administrator, such as a dean, department head, director, program director, or supervisor.  Students requesting travel support must be in good academic standing; students cannot be on probation at the time a request is submitted or at the time of travel.  To be eligible for conference travel support, you must be presenting at a conference or sitting on a conference panel, and the purpose of the conference and/or your presentation must align with one or more of the ODIEX strategic priorities listed in submission criteria below.  If you are a faculty member requesting travel support, your department head or director must provide a letter of commitment to match any funds received from ODIEX.  



There are separate applications for (a) programs/initiatives/events and guest speaker travel (these should be submitted on a Project Funding Application) and (b) travel support for individual UA faculty, staff and students (Travel Funding Application).  Only complete applications will be reviewed. 



The program/initiative/event or travel that you are seeking funding for must align with one or more of the ODIEX strategic priorities listed below:  

  •  Recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, staff or students
  •  Advancing success for underrepresented groups (e.g., graduation, promotion, tenure)
  •  Embedding diversity and inclusiveness into curriculum, policies, procedures, or other structural aspects of the UA
  •  Encouraging diverse perspectives on our campus
  •  Improving campus climate through efforts such as education and visibility
  •  Building programs aligned with our status as a Hispanic Serving Institution or our land-grant mission
  •  Building diverse community partnerships
  •  Developing leadership skills related to diversity or creating pathways to leadership for people from underrepresented groups
  •  Encouraging intergroup collaboration around issues of diversity
  •  Other areas critical to establishing inclusive excellence at the UA.

Go to Project Funding Information or Travel Support Information for additional information.



Please note that awarded funding can only be transferred to UA accounts that are sales and services or miscellaneous designated accounts.  We cannot transfer to other types of UA accounts or outside bank accounts.  If you are unsure of the type of account you have, please consult with your business office.  If you list an inaccurate or incorrect KFS account number in part IV of the application ("Accounting Information"), your funding request may be delayed or denied.



Fall 2018 Round 1 August 15, 2018 5:00 p.m. September 7, 2018 September 21, 2018

We will begin accepting applications on August 15, 2018 for Fall 2018 Round 1The submission deadline for this round is September 7, 2018, 5:00 p.m.  Late applications will not be reviewed.  All application materials for the Fall 2018 Round 1 should be submitted via email to Laura Hunter at  You will receive an email acknowledging that your submission has been received.

Please note that applications for Fall 2018 Round 2 will follow a different process although much of the required information will be the same.  Beginning with Fall 2018 Round 2, applications must be submitted electronically on the UA Competition Space platform.  More information about this process will be posted here soon.

Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  

Off-cycle requests will be considered only in unique and extenuating circumstances that were beyond your control and thus prevented you from submitting your proposal by the deadline.  If you must submit an off-cycle request, please email Laura Hunter at explaining the circumstances before completing an application.  The review committee will then decide if circumstances warrant an off-cycle request. 



Only complete proposals meeting the criteria will undergo a formal review process. Proposals are reviewed by committee four times a year and will be evaluated based on how closely the proposal adheres to ODIEX’s strategic funding priorities, potential impact, quality of proposal, appropriate budget, available funding, and other criteria. The committee reserves the right to ask the requester for additional information.  Once reviewed, the committee will notify you by email about the status of your proposal.  You will receive notification about proposals submitted as part of Fall 2018 Round 1 by September 21, 2018.



All project proposals chosen for funding are required to provide a follow-up report which documents how the funding was used and the impact of the program/initiative/event that was funded.  Information about any collaborations should also be included in the report.  Follow-up reports are due 30 days after your program/initiative/event ends.  For long-term initiatives that last through the academic year or initiatives with no clear end date, you will be required to submit a status report at the end of the spring semester.  ODIEX will let you know when your report will be due when you are notified that funding has been granted.  Information contained in follow-up reports will be used in annual reports to campus.  Failure to complete a follow-up report makes you, your organization, department, initiative, program or event ineligible for future funding.  Those receiving travel awards for their own travel do not have to submit a follow-up report.



If the program/initiative/event for which you have received ODIEX funding is cancelled, you will be required to return all funds to ODIEX.  The same is true if the travel for which you have received funding is cancelled.  This will allow us to offer the funding to other applicants.



Other sources of funding on the Research, Discovery & Innovation website. 

Student/Faculty Interaction (SFI) Grants for instructors to fund activities enhancing the curriculum being taught in their courses, deepening learning and enhancing student/faculty relationships.

Consult UA Travel policies.

Meal and lodging per diem rates can be found in the State of Arizona Accounting Manual.

Information about the UA's land-grant mission can be found at:

Information about the UA's HSI designation can be found at:



Please contact Laura Hunter, Office for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence, at