New Faculty Mentoring Program

Research shows that faculty with mentors have:

  • Increased productivity, including more publications, more NSF or NIH grants, and an increased likelihood of publishing in a top-tier journal (Blau et al. 2010; Carr et al. 2003);
  • Enhanced tenure and promotion prospects (Johnson 2007; Kosoko-Lasaki et al. 2006; Stanley & Lincoln 2005);
  • Increased sense of support for their research (Carr et al. 2003);
  • Heightened teaching effectiveness (Luna & Cullen 1995);
  • Higher career satisfaction (Carr et al. 2003);
  • Lower feelings of isolation (Carr et al. 2003; Christman 2003; National Academy of Sciences 1997);
  • A greater sense of fit – especially for women and faculty of color – which has been shown to be critical to job satisfaction and retention (Trower 2012).

After the pilot year, the New Faculty Mentoring Program has been renamed the Successful Scholars Faculty Mentoring Program.  

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