Inclusive Leadership Certificate

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is excited to reintroduce to the Inclusive Leadership Certificate (ILC), a professional development opportunity available to all faculty and staff at the University of Arizona. The program strategically centers the University’s core values of inclusion, integrity, compassion, adaptation, exploration, and determination. Leveraging the University’s resources, mentorship, and coaching, participants bolster critical leadership competencies and best practices – particularly those related to advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity – as the University builds its next generation of leaders. Diversifying higher education leadership is an intentional act that promotes creative problem solving and increases retention for faculty, staff, and students. This program creates a pathway for emerging leaders that reflect the changing demographics of our student body. 

Each year, we offer 15 spots to faculty and staff to join the cohort as Fellows. The cohort model engages participants in a guided set of workshops and mentor conversations. Application period is now closed for the 2021-2022 cohort. 

Fellows in the ILC program will gain:

  • the ability to conceptualize inclusive leadership frameworks and incorporate cultural humility as a practice of inclusive excellence.

  • a better understanding of the experience of specific identity groups and strategies to actively and intentionally ensure all voices are amplified, respected, and supported.  

  • best practices to implement inclusive behaviors that demonstrate openness to individuals with different identities and ways to challenge harmful behaviors.  

  • skills to confront incivility by learning ways to repair harm by engaging conflict resolution and intergroup facilitation.   

  • tools to implement an initiative within their office that supports the institution’s Diversity Strategic Plan.