Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate

Have you ever envisioned yourself in a leadership position at the university? Perhaps you are stepping into your first leadership role, or you are simply curious about leadership and want to learn more. Applications for the 2020-2021 program will open in early spring 2020 and we welcome all Faculty and Staff to apply as we seek a diverse cohort of 20 future leaders for this program.


The Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate (ILCC) program is strategically centered on the University’s core values of diversity and inclusion, excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial action, integrity, and partnerships. Leveraging the impact of the Future Leader Workshop Series and complementing the HSI Fellows Program, the ILCC seeks to significantly widen the pipeline of emerging talent to include Faculty and Staff from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds. The program aims to bolster critical leadership competencies, including those related to advancing diversity and inclusion, and expand understanding of best practices as the University strives to build its next generation of leaders. The program will further strengthen the University’s leadership development infrastructure by enabling established leaders to mentor and collaborate with ILCC emerging leaders. Serving as a foundational structure for the cohort experience, twenty aspiring Faculty and Staff leaders will develop individualized leadership development plans to customize their participation in activities across a year-long structured experience that will draw from interactive workshops, individualized and group mentoring sessions, meetings with UA leaders, leadership assessments, online leadership education, and community and network-building activities.


The program will provide leadership development opportunities for Faculty and Staff including junior and mid-career faculty, academic and administrative personnel, and individuals who desire to learn more about leadership and themselves as potential leaders. Faculty and staff from all backgrounds are invited to apply.


All Faculty and Staff accepted into the certificate program will commit to participation over the course of the academic year. The aim and scope of each participant’s activities will be determined by their individualized Leadership Development Plan based on interests and experience. The program requirements are to:

  • Attend the orientation event (TBA)
  • Develop an individualized Leadership Development Plan
  • Attend facilitated small group and individualized mentoring sessions
  • Participate in an individual leadership assessment
  • Attend at least eight of the Future Leader Workshops
  • Engage in online leadership learning opportunities, including key readings and videos
  • Participate in eight facilitated full-group discussions and informal gatherings with campus leaders, to be scheduled over the lunch hour and occurring monthly

APPLICATION PROCESS                                                                                                    

The Certificate Program requires completion of all components. The certificate is for professional development purposes only.

Click here to complete the online application process, which will require you to upload the following documents:

  1. PERSONAL STATEMENT (2 pages maximum)
    Please prepare a statement that addresses the following questions:
    1. Why are you applying to participate in the Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate Program?
    2. What specific strengths, areas of expertise, experiences and/or achievements make you a promising leader?
    3. How have you contributed (or will you contribute) to making the University of Arizona a more diverse and inclusive campus?
  2. SHORT RESUME or CV (3 pages maximum)
  3. LETTER(S) OF RECOMMENDATION (1-2 letters)

Primary Letter (required): Your primary letter of recommendation must come from your direct supervisor or unit head/director and speak to your leadership qualities and your potential towards advancing institutional efforts related to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Secondary Letter (optional): If you would like to submit a letter of support from someone other than your direct supervisor who could further speak to the requested components of the letter please feel free to include a secondary letter. This letter is in addition to the letter from your supervisor.


Please direct questions to Laura Hunter at