Inclusive Leadership Program

Centered on the University’s core values of diversity and inclusion, excellence, innovation and entrepreneurial action, integrity, and partnerships, the Inclusive Leadership Program will build a pipeline that will not only further diversify our leadership but will also advance innovative collaborations aimed at creating inclusive workplaces, student learning, curricula, and partnerships.


This program will help the University make progress towards achieving several strategic goals. Goals include to:

  • Build the next generation of leaders for the University;
  • Retain top-performing faculty and staff by deepening their engagement and connection to the University;
  • Leverage our HSI identity to advance leadership efforts in diversity and inclusion;
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty and staff in strategic areas such as student enrollment and retention;
  • Create mentoring networks to meet needs of our diverse faculty and staff.


The Inclusive Leadership Program consists of three distinct but interrelated parts: (1) HSI Fellows; (2) the Future Leaders Workshop Series; (3) and the Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate

HSI Fellows

Future Leaders Workshop Series

Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate