Men of Color Initiatives

Welcome to Men of Color Initiatives! We focus on supporting the retention, belonging, and success of men of color at the University of Arizona. To these ends, we facilitate a peer mentoring program for sophomore men of color, and provide resources, advising, and programs that help students unpack how race, gender, class, power, and privilege influence the experiences of men of color on campus.

The Sophomore EDGE Program is supported by the Provost’s Investment Fund, and aims to promote the academic success, sense of belonging, and retention of sophomore men of color. We aim to pick up from where first year programs leave off, to provide support specific to the challenges and opportunities that arise for students during the sophomore year. We work closely with the Cultural and Resource Centers on campus to provide ongoing programming and support for all students’ social identity development, belonging, and collegiate success.

To join the program, email Jane Pizzolato at


The Sophomore Edge Program

How the Program Works:  ​

Our peer mentors are supported by professional staff who provide regular curriculum support meetings, to co-construct the best mentoring practices for the students enrolled in the program. In turn, each of our peer mentors leads a cluster groups of sophomore men of color, meeting in small groups twice per month, and providing regular, weekly, individual check-ins with each of their mentees.

Peer mentors connect mentees to resources on campus, lead workshops, and provide individualized support so that all enrolled sophomores receive tailored support to promote their success at the University of Arizona. In addition to focusing on the academic skills and navigational resources for academic success, peer mentors provide space for students to develop as whole people, through their culturally responsive, holistic practices.

Professional Staff 

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Ramón Lopez Serrano

Coordinator, Men of Color Initiatives

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Julian Juan

Coordinator, Men of Color Initiatives

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Brenda Anderson Wadley

Sr. Coordinator, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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Jane Pizzolato

Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Student Staff

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Alissa Atrero

Undergraduate Outreach and Assessment Assistant

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Jenny Tram

Undergraduate Outreach Assistant

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Jasmine Ma

Undergraduate Marketing & Digital Media Assistant