Magdalena Verdugo


Council Chair

President/ CEO YWCA

Magdalena Verdugo was named Chief Executive Officer for YWCA Southern Arizona in December 2019. As
the first Latina leader in the illustrious 103-year history of the organization, she will work tirelessly to ensure
its longstanding mission of equality and inclusion is fulfilled and its impact resonates well into the future.
Verdugo’s guiding vision is to build YWCA Southern Arizona into a premier one-stop location for bilingual
integrated leadership, wellbeing, financial empowerment, workforce training and business development
services in the region; a singular place where diverse women of all professions, incomes, races, ethnicities,
sexual orientations, and experiences can come together to network, collaborate, and receive the professional
guidance necessary to enable them to carve life paths away from adversity and towards prosperity.

Magdalena Verdugo comes to the YWCA after an extended and successful time as the Vice President of
CPLC Community Schools, a division of Chicanos Por La Causa. During her 29 years with CPLC, Verdugo
proved to be a dynamic and passionate leader for youth enrichment, academic excellence, healthy living,
and the development of community schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods of color.

As the daughter of migrant farmworkers, the ideals of hard work and resilience were instilled in Magdalena
from a young age. Her parents worked tirelessly in the California fields to ensure that her future would be
brighter, that she would be prepared to overcome any of life’s challenges, and that she would have access
to all the opportunities they did not - or could not - receive. Through their sacrifices, Verdugo became the first
in her family to graduate college, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from The University
of Arizona, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University and Certificate
in Nonprofit Executive Leadership from the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation.

Beyond her role as CEO, Magdalena is a strong community advocate for improved education, health and
welfare outcomes and opportunities among all children and women in Southern Arizona. She is a former
YWCA Women on the Move Award recipient, long time member of The University of Arizona Hispanic
Community Advisory Council, member of the Child Family Resources and founding member of the Board of
Salud y Cariño, a nonprofit helping young girls to take action and gain confidence through physical activity
and healthy decision-making. Magdalena is a huge supporter and advocate of the arts and serves on the
Arizona Public Media Community Advisory Board, The Arts Foundation of Southern/Tucson Arizona, and
The Rialto Theatre Foundation. Magdalena previously served on the Board of Planned Parenthood of
Arizona, the Arizona Minority Education Policy Analysis Center, and National Latino Children’s Institute.