Raising Arizona


The aim of Raising Arizona is to provide students with opportunities for meaningful interaction with their local community, and with the broader Arizona community. Through this program, students will explore the state of Arizona and engage in dialogue about its vibrant history and the many cultures that have shaped and continue to shape it. Raising Arizona will offer a wide array of programs that include themes of service learning, cultural engagement, and community awareness. 


Pintando La Frontera | CIELO & Galeria Mitotera Borderlands Mural Tour

During this day trip program, students will hear from artists at Galeria Mitotera and the important work they have been doing in Tucson. Students will also have the opportunity to cross over the border into Nogales, Sonora in Mexico, and engage with Mexican artists who create murals that deal with topics such as border and immigration issues. Through this program, students will gain valuable insight into another culture and different perspectives.

Yuma & San Luis | CIELO & Blue Chip Weekend Excursion to 

For a weekend excursion of experiential learning (partnered with the UA Blue Chip Leadership program), students will visit Yuma and San Luis, AZ to learn about the culture of migrant farm workers, as well as the life and birthplace of Cesar Chavez.


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