Responding to our Community

Beginning in 2016, various collective bodies of student leaders penned lists of demands which they wanted the university to address. The University of Arizona is committed to these ongoing efforts to create a diverse and inclusive campus community. The issues identified here are the most salient; consequently, noted with each student recommendation are the responsible Senior Vice President and Administrator. Advocating for “social justice, acknowledging the lived experiences of marginalized groups, creating and inciting institutional change” remains to be the focus. Students made recommendations for a campus response with the understanding that each will need to be reviewed with the responsible office(s). The process for review will be iterative, consultative, and will involve students, faculty and staff.  

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion has begun to investigate the status of the listed demands. We will continue to post updates to this site regularly as information is received. We are committed to the ongoing effort to make our Wildcat community strong. Harnessing the Power of Diversity, Every Wildcat, Everyday!


Last Updated July 10, 2021


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14 Ongoing

Progress on Student Demands from COBA

Coalition Of Black Students and Allies

On June 23, 2020, the Coalition of Black Students and Allies sent a letter to the University of Arizona Administration with a list of 21 demands, including #8, the implementation of an online tool to track the progress of the list of demands.

This page is intended to be a place where the list of demands will be maintained and status updates will be tracked. As plans are developed, the responsible administrators who will oversee this work, in consultation with the advisory board, will be added.

Oversight: The hiring process for a Project Director for Diversity & Inclusion began in September 2020. This Project Director will report directly to the Associate Vice Provost for Diversity & Inclusion and the job description is specifically focused on managing and advancing progress on the planned actions. The Hiring Committee has a tentative start date of January 2021.

  • The interview process for the Project Director is currently in progress with an anticipated start date of January 2021. 
  • January 2021 - Denise TrimbleSmith was hired and began on January 11, 2021. 
  • Project Director Denise TrimbleSmith met with COBA Leadership on January 26th and February 20th. Additional communications have been sent weekly through April 27, 2021 seeking an opportunity to meet with the students and share updates. Although responses have yet to be received, Project Director TrimbleSmith continues to move forward, meeting with campus constituents and ensuring the demands remain a priority across the institution.