Two Spirit & LGBTQ Community Advisory Council

The Two-Spirit & LGBTQ Community Advisory Council is a group of community members that work collaboratively with university leadership with the goal of promoting the well-being of all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer identified people and those affected by discrimination based on gender identity and expression. The Advisory Council provides community support to create a safe and inclusive environment for UA.

Mission Statement

The Two-Spirit & LGBTQ Community Advisory Council is dedicated to actively building, sustaining, and strengthening efforts to bridge the University of Arizona and Tucson communities by utilizing an intersectional and culturally humble approach. To lead in a developing inclusive excellence to improve the experiences of people of all gender identities and sexual orientations while providing students, staff, faculty, and community members the ability to thrive and grow.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns or want to get involved please contact us.

Associate Vice Provost, Diversity & Inclusion
Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Jennifer Hatcher, RN, PhD
Interim Associate Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion
Office of Diversity & Inclusion

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  • ranked the University of Arizona as Top 10 LGBTQ Friendly School - May 2021
  • Our Campus Pride Index was 4.0 in 2013.
  • Our Campus Pride Index has increased to 4.5 stars in 2016.


The council members are alumni, educators, retirees and community members who are interested in helping the university achieve its goal of embracing our diversity as a strategic source of strength. The council meetings are open to community members. If you are a community member who is interested in joining or attending the LGBTQ CC meetings, please contact Office of Diversity & Inclusion at for more information.


  • LGBTQ Affairs
  • Institute for LGBT Studies
  • Culturally humble - ability to maintain an interpersonal stance that is other-oriented (or open to the other) in relation to aspects of cultural identity that are most important to the [person].
  • Inclusive Excellence - a strategy for transforming the University of Arizona into an institution that conceptualizes inclusiveness and excellence as one in the same, makes inclusiveness ubiquitous, assigns responsibility for inclusiveness to everyone on campus, and utilizes a broad definition of diversity and inclusiveness.