Wildcat Unity Network

The Wildcat Unity Network (WUN) is a student-led peer education program that is built on the University of Arizona’s core values of inclusion and compassion. The program is coordinated through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. It is driven by passionate students who continuously utilize their position(s) to uplift marginalized student voices. We engage in conversations about ways students can help create an inclusive campus environment. Our vision is to harness the power of the human experience and develop citizens and leaders for the global economy through intercultural learning. In doing so, we strive to provide accessible and inclusive spaces for students to build personal and social development. With the help of our peer educators, we use our platform to uplift stories and experiences while encouraging exploration of identity and community through specialized workshops.  

Objectives of the WUN  

  • Create spaces for conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus. 

  • Explore knowledge and understanding of intersectionality and identity. 

  • Promote self-awareness of language and behavior and its internal and external impact. 

  • Increase recognition of bystander intervention, stereotypes, microaggressions, and other topics involving social justice issues. 

  • Help students develop the leadership tools that advance social equity and justice on campus and the large society. 


The Wildcat Unity Network offers student workshops that build tools for an inclusive campus community rooted in civil dialogue and action. Workshops are available upon request for groups of students of 10 or more. To request a group workshop, email us at earllee@arizona.edu.”

Identity and Inclusion: Unlocking the Human Potential

Grounded in UA values, participants have an opportunity to explore their own identities paying particular attention to how these identities unlock their full human potential and shape their beliefs, values, expectations, and perceptions. The workshop illuminates the importance of understanding one’s own identity, privilege, and social location as essential to challenging injustice.

Addressing Microaggression

In this interactive workshop, participants explore the concept of microaggression and examine how they operate as barriers to a transformative learning and living space on campus. After contextualizing the different forms of microaggressions, the workshop provides participants with the skills and tools to respond, challenge and intervene to create a race and gender conscious environment.

Intercultural Conversations

As a culturally and linguistically diverse community, there are often barriers to intercultural communication. Intercultural Conversations offers strategies to gather, interpret, and effectively act upon various cultural cues to create respectful and inclusive communities.

Paint the Rainbow

Paint the Rainbow is an interactive workshop that explains the intersection of sex, gender, and sexuality. In this session, students develop the strategies that facilitate acceptance, respect, and advocacy for members of the LGBTQIA+ community.