Diversity Coordinating Council

The Diversity Coordinating Council originally served as a support system advocating for diversity and inclusion across campus administration in addition to developing plans for increase partnerships. The original Council members are listed below. 

In June 2021, the the Diversity Coordinating Council was reimagined to serve as the campus body responsible for: 

  • Working with the Associate Vice Provost, Diversity & Inclusion to coordinate the Equity Scorecard and Diversity Strategic Plan 
  • Championing institutional participation in the Diversity Strategic Planning process
  • Recommending D&I initiatives to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration 
  • Advocating on behalf of diverse groups across the campus 
  • Assist with the annual Diversity Symposium planning 
  • Ensure D&I centralized and decentralized Diversity Strategic Plan remains a "living" document of institutional accountability and transparency

The Diversity Coordinating Council consists of:

  • Diversity Leadership Council
    • Sr. Vice President - Native American Initiatives, Levi Esquerra 
    • Assistant Vice Provost, Native American Initiatives, Karen Francis-Begay
    • Assistant Vice Provost, Hispanic Serving Initiatives, Marla Franco 
    • Associate Vice Provost, Faculty Development, Judy Marquez Kiyama
    • Vice Provost, Student Success, Cynthia Demetriou
  • 7 appointed faculty
    • Notifications emailed July 22, 2021
  • 7 appointed staff
    • Notifications emailed July 22, 2021 
  • 2 members of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion 
  • 5 faculty, staff, and/or administrators selected through a competitive application process
    • Interested campus members can request an application by submitting an interest email to inclusion@arizona.edu 



Diversity Coordinating Council Members  
Karen R Francis-Begay kfbegay@email.arizona.edu
Teresa Graham Brett tbrett@email.arizona.edu
Cynthia Demetriou cpd@email.arizona.edu
Javier D Duran, Council Co-Chair duran@email.arizona.edu
Marla Franco marlafranco@email.arizona.edu
Laura Hunter lahunter@email.arizona.edu
Julie Katsel jkatsel@email.arizona.edu
Amanda Kraus akraus@email.arizona.edu
Natalynn Masters ASUA-asuapres@email.arizona.edu
Nikki Mastrud mmastrud@email.arizona.edu
Farid Matuk matuk@email.arizona.edu
Rafael Meza rmeza@arizona.edu
Karla Morales kmorales12@email.arizona.edu
Francisco Moreno fmoreno@email.arizona.edu
Jeannine Relly jrelly@email.arizona.edu
Helena A Rodrigues hrodrigu@email.arizona.edu
Andrea Romero romeroa@email.arizona.edu
Chris Sigurdson sig@email.arizona.edu
Frans E. Tax fetax@email.arizona.edu
Rebecca Tsosie rebeccatsosie@email.arizona.edu
Bryant Valencia bryantv@email.arizona.edu
Kendal H Washington White kwashing@email.arizona.edu