APIDA Community Resources

The Asian, Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) Community has a long history in Tucson that stretches back to the late 1800s. By 1908, Chinese immigrants had grown from living primarily in Old Chinatown to 37 Chinese businesses operating south of Congress and families living in Tucson neighborhoods with White and Hispanic families. Over time, the APIDA Community established houses of worship, community gathering spaces, culturally focused schools, restaurants, and groceries. 

Today the APIDA Community in Tucson is growing rapidly. Between the 2000 and 2010 census, the APIDA population in Arizona increased by 91.6% for Asians and 87.9% for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. Of the 38,489 APIDA residents in Pima County, 59% (22,528 people as of 2010) live in Tucson. The Asian and Desi parts of the APIDA Community here are primarily Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, South Asian Indian, and Korean, The Pacific Islander part of the APIDA community here is primarily Native Hawaiian, Guamanian or Chamorro, and Samoan. 

This website aims to offer resources on campus and in Tucson for the APIDA Community and to share APIDA related businesses to consider frequenting for the non-APIDA identifying community. If you'd like to suggest a resource or business for this website, please submit a suggestion here.

Campus Resources for APIDA Students

The APIDA Scholars Theme Community is a housing community where students can live in an environment that celebrates and explores Asian Pacific Islander Desi American students' cultural identities. The APIDA Scholars Theme Community is an opportunity to transition to college among other students who want to incorporate Asian Pacific Islander Desi cultural knowledge and experiences with academic support and mentorship. For more information, please visit the Housing & Residential Life APIDA Scholars webpage.

Asian American Cultural Association (AACA) is a non-profit organization at The University of Arizona dedicated to instilling and maintaining a spirit of community among Asians and Asian Americans. In addition, AACA promotes the various Asian American cultures through numerous events and activities. As the first Asian interest organization on campus, any enrolled student at The University of Arizona is eligible to become an active member.

Dia Clones is a hip hop & urban styles dance crew that was found by UA students in 2008. They perform at events in the UA/Tucson community, and compete at urban dance competitions like Prelude AZ and World of Dance AZ. Dia Clones aims to inspire and entertain through the art of dance.

Epic Movement is a student-led campus ministry through CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) geared towards sharing the gospel to Asian American and Polynesian students and faculty on the UA campus. 

Filipino American Student Association (FASA) is an inclusive social club and community whose goal is to promote Filipino cultural awareness and experience on campus. From our trip to California for Friendship Games, to celebrating Filipino food and dance at our Fiesta, we offer many opportunities to volunteer, socialize, and learn! We are an all-inclusive club, and we welcome every member interested - Filipino or not. Mabuhay!

Malaysian Student Association is for all Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian students on-campus from various disciplines and college careers to come together and celebrate unity and togetherness. It is to form networks and tighten bonds between related individuals in a fun and homey setting. This association serves as an official point of contact for The University of Arizona, future and current students, parents, Malaysian sponsors, and Malaysian Consulate officials. This association is open to everyone on-campus. Everyone is welcome to join and take part in events and activities organized. The main purpose is to bring all Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian students together under one roof. Come join us! “Selamat Datang!” (Welcome in Malay/Bahasa Melayu -Malaysia’s national language)

UnderSkore is the University of Arizona’s first Korean pop dance team. We hold dance workshops where we teach the general public a dance, perform on and off campus, film covers, and more! We aim to share our mutual interest in Korean pop music by improving as dancers via learning multi-styled choreographies and recording these routines for an online audience. UnderSkore has performed at UA events such as AACA Talent Show, Family Weekend BBQ, Highland Rocks the Block, Admitted Students Day, APASA’s Lotus Laureate and APASA Finals Block Party just to name a few. We have produced at total 24 dance concept videos thus far on Youtube and we have been increasing that by releasing a video almost every week.

Pre-Health Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA) seeks to promote health for Asian and Pacific Islander communities and individuals, as well as other communities of color, through community action and health education. The diversity of Asian communities in Tucson necessitates elevating awareness of and addressing unmet health needs specific to each community.

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) is a student chapter of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, a national professional organization that was founded in 2007. SASE aims to prepare our scientists, engineers, and technologists for success in their careers by helping them develop necessary professional skills. We also celebrate diversity on campus by helping preserve and spread awareness of Asian culture.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a student-run club dedicated towards promoting diversity and cultural enrichment of the community, as well as preserving Vietnamese traditions and heritage. In addition, under VSA includes a traditional fan dance group called Golden Lotus, that performs at numerous cultural events throughout the year. The culmination of the club’s hard work and dedication toward cultural awareness and preservation is showcased through VSA’s Cultural Show held in early February.


Alpha Phi Gamma was founded on February 1, 1994 at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  Many years later on June 20, 2000, Alpha Phi Gamma was the first Asian American sorority to be established in the state of Arizona.  Remaining non-exclusive, its purpose is to bring together women of all backgrounds through the bonds of Sisterhood and friendship. The organization strives for academic excellence, philanthropy, and provides service and awareness of the Asian American culture to surrounding communities.  Since its founding, Alpha Phi Gamma has expanded to many other schools, resulting in 13 chapters and 1 colony across the nation.  As the organization upholds its bonds amongst all members, Alpha Phi Gamma will continue to expand and provide service, good, and prosperity for the betterment of society.

Delta Chi Lambda is a Multicultural Asian-Interest, but non-exclusive, sorority. The organization focuses on promoting positive Asian- American awareness, lifetime of sisterhood, scholastic achievement, leadership development, giving back to the community, and social networking. Through their activities Delta Chi Lambda strives to become well-rounded ladies of leadership and integrity who uphold a level of sisterhood that consists of loyalty and life-long friendships.

Pi Alpha Phi, founded in 1929 at the University of California, Berkeley, is the oldest Asian American interest, non-exclusive fraternity in the United States. Brothers of Pi Alpha Phi are taught to emanate the five pillars which the fraternity was founded on: Academic Excellence, Asian American Awareness, Brotherhood, Leadership, and Philanthropy. With 10 active chapters and 10 colonies across the nation, the organization can be found at universities such as the University of California, Santa Barbara, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and many more. Pi Alpha Phi continues to build strong familial relationships where friends may call each other brothers bonded by mutual experience and lifelong friendships.


Arizona State Museum Library
1013 E. University Boulevard
For library use only: Admission is free.
For the museum: Free admission w/ Catcard; $5 for all adults, including seniors. 17&under are free of charge.
Hours: Tue–Thu: 11am–4pm

Gould-Simpson Library
Advising @ Gould-Simpson 9th floor (917).
Textbooks for computer science are available to check out.
Hours:    Mon–Thu: 9am–11:30 am, 1pm–4pm & Fri: 10am–11:30am, 1pm–3pm

Think Tank
Available around campus (and APASA spaces!)
Hours:    Wed: 12pm–7pm & Fri: 11am–3pm during the academic year


Campus Pantry
Located left of the information desk next to U-Mart at the Student Union Memorial Center.
Goal: Reduce food insecurity in our Wildcat community.
Use your Catcard to get important food staples at no cost!
Contact uofacampuspantry@gmail.com for more information.
Hours are subject to change.
Hours:     Wed: 12pm–7pm & Fri: 11am–3pm during the academic year

Safe Ride
(520) 621-7233 or use the TapRide app.
Level 3 of Student Union Memorial Center.
Show your Catcard and catch a free ride home instead of walking at night.
Hours:     Sun–Thu: 6:30pm–1am & Fri: 6:30pm–9:30pm
                 CLOSED on Saturdays
(Closes 20 minutes prior to close every night)

Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS)
USS Arizona Student Union Memorial Center VETS Center, 404M
VETS incorporates academics, institutional access, student involvement, and research, not only to support the success of enrolled student veterans but also to understand their experiences more authentically and maintain a program that is effective and dynamic. The number of veterans enrolling in higher education over the last decade has increased significantly. This trend holds true here at the University of Arizona. As higher education prepares nationally for this influx of student veterans, the UA has been committed to supporting veteran success and helping create a national climate for veterans in higher education that is inclusive of their unique talents and experiences. 

Adalberto & Ana Guerrero Student Center
Our mission is to support students to achieve academic and personal excellence by shaping a safe and inclusive campus environment through culturally affirming programs and events that cultivate a sense of belonging, build community, encourage critical reflection, and develop students as learners, leaders, and professionals.

African American Student Affairs
The mission of African American Student Affairs (AASA) is to facilitate a support system that helps students achieve academic excellence and an enriching African American cultural experience at the University of Arizona. AASA provides opportunities for students to learn more about leadership, social justice and creating community.

Asian Pacific American Student Affairs
The cultural center was established in 1993 due to the help of student activism by some students from our first club, the Asian American Cultural Association, and other students from marginalized communities. We provide a physical space for students, as well as implement services to promote student success for the diverse East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi or South Asian American communities on campus, increase awareness of the experiences and issues facing the diverse communities represented within APASA, provide academic, educational, and cultural programs and resources to engage students to become active citizens in our ever-increasing global society, and support individual students in realizing their academic, personal, and professional goal.

Disability Cultural Center
One of very few in the nation, UA's Disability Cultural Center (DCC) is a space for students, faculty and staff to explore and celebrate disability identity, culture and community. DCC offers a variety of events and programming that promote an authentic and intersectional perspective on disability. The DCC is located on the second floor of the Disability Resource Center in Highland Commons D217. Students are welcome to drop by the space any time! 

Immigration Student Resource Center
The Immigrant Student Resource Center (ISRC) helps recruit & retain students at the University of Arizona from immigrant & refugee backgrounds. We provide academic, career, scholarship, & social support to currently enrolled students, including students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) work permits, undocumented students, students with mixed-immigration status families, and students from refugee backgrounds. We train university staff, faculty, & administrators how to work more effectively with students from immigrant and refugee backgrounds. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning Affairs
The Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) Affairs creates a safe space for thousands of students every year on the University of Arizona campus through programs, trainings, events, and through the LGBTQ Resource Center in the Student Union.

Native American Student Affairs 
Native American Student Affairs at the University of Arizona provides culturally sensitive academic counseling and support services to American Indian/Alaskan Native students enabling them to achieve academic excellence. We nurture student success by encouraging all students to proactively explore and shape our diverse campus community.

Women & Gender Resource Center
Level 3 of Student Union Memorial Center.
Has Feminist Pharmacy; providing free women’s hygiene products, condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests.  Lactation Room for privacy; child-friendly center!

Campus Resources for APIDA Staff and Faculty

The Asian American Faculty, Staff and Alumni (AAFSA) Club was established in 1989 at the University of Arizona to support and recognize the achievements and interests of Asian American faculty, staff, alumni, and students. It is the mission of AAFSA to develop partnerships between UA organizations and community business, professional, and service organizations to promote the academic, intellectual, and cultural needs and interests of the UA community and its broader constituency and to foster greater understanding and appreciation of Asian or Pacific American traditions and heritages. For more information, please visit the AAFSA webpage.

The Asian Pacific American Student Affairs cultural center was established in 1993 due to the help of student activism by some students from our first club, the Asian American Cultural Association, and other students from marginalized communities. We provide a physical space for students, as well as implement services to promote student success for the diverse East Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi or South Asian American communities on campus, increase awareness of the experiences and issues facing the diverse communities represented within APASA, provide academic, educational, and cultural programs and resources to engage students to become active citizens in our ever-increasing global society and support individual students in realizing their academic, personal, and professional goal. For more information, please visit the APASA website. To sign up for the APASA listserv, send an email to: APASA@email.arizona.edu.

Life & Work Connections provides wellness services to UArizona employees. Our unique whole-person programming can help you at every point in your life. For more information, please visit the Life & Work Connections website.

APIDA Resources in the Tucson Community

Filipino-American Sampaguita Club of Tucson (FASCOT)
FASCOT promotes awareness and understanding of the Philippine culture and traditions as a non-profit organization. FASCOT partners with community organizations in various projects which benefit the Greater Tucson Community such as Adopt-A-Roadway, and responding to world calamities; members also join the Memory Walk with the Alzheimer’s Association and collaborate with other organizations to build homes for the homeless.

Odaiko Sonora
Tucson’s taiko, or Japanese ensemble drumming group. Serving southern AZ since May 2002, Odaiko Sonora is dedicated to increasing familiarity with and understanding of taiko in our community. We do this for over 100,000 people each year through classes and master workshops, performances, school residencies, team building workshops and by producing concerts that include internationally acclaimed taiko artists.

Pan Asian Community Alliance
The Pan Asian Community Alliance is a non-profit organization that promotes and develops education and community services for Asian and Pacific Islanders.

Southern AZ Japanese Cultural Coalition 
The Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural Coalition (SAJCC) is established to unify the greater Japanese community in Tucson and Southern Arizona. The SAJCC shall be an organization for Japanese American families and individuals, Japanese Nationals and their families, people and organizations promoting Japanese language, history, arts, and cultural activities, and anyone interested in Japanese culture. The SAJCC is meant to be inclusive.

Summer Thunder Chinese Music Ensemble
An ensemble located in Tucson, Arizona, and consists of community members. We enjoy playing and exploring Chinese music as well as introducing the Tucson community to the great music that is Asian music. We do this through various community performances at the local 17th Street Farmer’s Market, the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center, and other venues.

Tucson Sino Choir (TSC) 
A non-profit organization under IRS (503)(c)(1), organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, to provide members and the community an enriched artistic experience through the study and performance of Chinese and American choral music, to establish a high standard of musical excellence, to build bridges of understanding among diverse communities through music and cultural activities, and representing and serving the community as an artistic and cultural resource. Tucson Sino Choir’s members represent a broad variety of disciplines including college professors, researchers, engineers, and students, as well as entrepreneurs. The repertoire embraces music from a variety of Chinese cultural traditions and Western works. 

Tucson Chinese Cultural Center (TCCC)
1288 W. River Rd
(520) 292-6900
Hours are subject to change. Check http://www.tucsonchinese.org/ for updates and hours of operation or email info@tucsonchinese.org for more information. 
Serves the social and cultural needs of 5,000 Chinese residents living in Pima County. TCCC offers classes, programs, and events for the community to enjoy.

Wind River Internal Martial Arts for Health and Enlightenment
1288 W River Rd.
(520) 331-8961
Our kwoon’s (school) focus is on furthering the Internal Martial, Health and Enlightenment arts taught worldwide by Master Sam Tam. We are excited about the opportunity to share the spirit and teaching of Chinese internal martial arts that Master Tam has so generously taught to us. This art is complete with both the internal and external transmission through our curriculum: Yang Tai Chi form, Yi Quan Standing Meditation, 5 Animal Qi Gong, Dao Yin Qi Gong, Sword, Staff, Fan, Push Hands and Application Training. We do not teach a mix of different styles learned from different teachers as we try to keep our teaching to the path that Master Tam has demonstrably proven as one that works.
Open Classes:     Tue 6pm–7:30pm 
                              Sat 9:30am–12pm

Arizona Asian Festival
AAAA builds a bridge that connects the community with the people and culture of Asia through its annual Asian Festival in Scottsdale.  The Festival allows attendees, students and volunteers to visit educational marketplace booths depicting the life, culture and beauty of Asian communities. It is a unique extravaganza that includes artifact displays and hands-on activities.

Arizona Aloha Festival
We are an all-volunteer organization registered as a charitable non-profit with the IRS. Our mission and purpose are to provide awareness and education about Hawaiian and other South Pacific Islander cultures and heritage.

Arizona Matsuri Japanese Festival
The Arizona Matsuri is a two-day festival featuring the culture of Japan. The Arizona Matsuri is a non-profit organization, whose Steering Committee members are drawn from the Arizona Buddhist Tempe, the Phoenix Himeji Sister City Committee, the Japanese American Citizens League, the Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, the Japanese Business Association of Arizona, the Japanese Culture Club of Arizona and interested individuals. The Matsuri is the means for the Arizona Matsuri to fulfill its mission of introducing the arts and culture of Japan to Arizona.

Tucson Japanese Festival
Annual New Year’s festival with Japanese origami, games, activities, music & dance performances, food for sale.

Babylon Market
Eastern European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Northern African
3954 E. Speedway
Grocery: (520) 232-3700
Restaurant: (520) 300-6440
Hours:     Everyday 8:30am–9pm
Note: Sells prepared foods for takeaway.

Caravan Mideastern Foods
African, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Russian
2817 N Country Club Rd.
(520) 323-6808
Hours:    Mon–Thu: 10am–7pm
               Fri: 10am–11:30am, 1:30pm–7pm
               Sat–Sun: 10am–6:30pm
Note: Sells prepared foods for takeaway at sister restaurant next door, Caravan Grill.

Grant-Stone Supermarket
Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese & more
8 W Grant Road
(520) 628-7445
Hours:     Mon–Sun: 9am–9pm

India Dukaan
Middle Eastern, Indian
2754 N. Campbell Ave. (Campbell-Grant)
(520) 321-0408
Hours:     Mon–Fri: 10am–2:45pm
               Sat–Sun: 10am–8pm

Kimpo Oriental Market
5595 East 5th St.
(520) 750-9009
Hours:     Mon–Sat: 9am–7pm 
                Sun: 1pm–6pm 
Note: Sells prepared foods for takeaway.

Lee Lee International Supermarket
Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Hong Kongese, Indian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Russian, Sri Lankan, Thai, Vietnamese & more
1990 W Orange Grove Road
(520) 638-8328
Hours:     Everyday 9am–9pm

Sandyi Oriental Market
Chinese, Japanese, Korean
4270 E Pima St.
(520) 320-0389
Hours:     Mon–Sat: 9am–8pm
                Sun: 10am–6pm

Sun Oriental Market
Chinese, Hawaiian, Japanese, Korean
2205 S Craycroft Rd.
(520) 790-6945
Hours:     Mon–Sat: 9am–7:30 pm 
                Sun: 1pm–6pm

*We encourage you to do some research prior to visiting these locations to learn more about their hours of operations. 

Bodhisattva Institute
714 N Desert Ave.
(520) 325-2272

Islamic Center of Tucson
901 E 1st St.
(520) 624-3233

Masjid Tucson
5010 E Bellevue St.
(520) 323-7636

Muslim Community Center of Tucson
5100 N Kevy Pl.
(520) 329-8568

Tucson Buddhist Center
2540 E 22nd St.
(520) 323-8184

Tucson Sikh Gurdwara
11169 N Par Dr.

Tucson Shambhala Center
3250 N Tucson Blvd.
(520) 829-0108


7 Degrees Ice Cream Rolls & Boba Tea
(520) 444-3053
4386 N Oracle Rd Suite 160
Hours:    Tue–Thu: 11am–8pm
               Fri–Sat: 11am–9pm
               Sun: 12pm–8pm

Bing's Boba Tea
(520) 288-8302
2510 N Campbell Ave
Hours:    Mon–Sat: 11am–10pm
               Sun: 11am–9pm

Korean Rose
Korean, Taiwanese
(520) 203-7484
6118 E Speedway Blvd Suite 102
Hours:    Mon–Thu: 7am–9pm
               Fri–Sun: 7am–10pm

Nomico Healthy Dessert
Hong Kong, Taiwanese
595 E Wetmore Rd
Hours:    Mon: 12pm–9pm
               Wed–Sun: 12pm–9pm


Chef Wang
Szechuan, Dongbei, Xinjiang
(520) 367-5375
356 E Grant Rd
Hours:    Tue–Sun: 11am–9pm

China Pasta House
(520) 623-3334
430 N Park Ave
Hours:    Mon: 9am–8pm
               Tue–Fri: 8am–8pm
               Sat–Sun: 10am–8pm

China Szechwan
(520) 705-0888
1800 E Fort Lowell Rd.
Hours:    Mon–Thu: 11am–9pm
               Fri–Sat: 11am–9:30pm
               Sun: 11am–9pm

Fatman Kitchen
Szechuan, Shaanxi
(520) 882-3059
2610 N 1st Ave
Hours:    Mon–Thu: 11am–9:30pm
               Fri–Sat: 11am–10pm
               Sun: 11am–9:30pm

Jewel's Noodle Kitchen
Northern Chinese
(520) 771-8202
5683 E Speedway Blvd
Hours:    Everyday: 11am–8pm

Jun Dynasty
(520) 881-0778
2933 E Grant Rd.
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–8:30pm

Kung Fu Noodle
Szechuan, Shaanxi
(520) 881-7800
3122 N Campbell Ave #100
Hours:    Mon–Thu: 11am–9pm
               Fri: 11am–9:30pm
               Sat: 12pm–9:30pm
               Sun: 12pm–9pm

New Asia
(520) 623-5033
2116 W Grant Rd.
Hours:     Mon–Fri: 11am–9pm
                Sat: 12pm–9pm
                Sun: 3pm–9pm

Panda House
(520) 888-8282
1118 E 6th St. #5213
Hours:     Mon–Thu: 10am–9:30pm
                Fri: 10am–10pm
                Sat: 11am–10pm
                Sun: 10:30am–9:30pm


Nick’s Sari-Sari & Filipino Restaurant
(520) 406-3593
2001 S Craycroft Rd.
Hours:     Mon–Sat: 10am–6pm 


Hong Kong Café
(520) 800-8081
625 E Wetmore Rd Suite 109
Hours:     Mon: 10am–9pm 
                Wed–Sun: 10am–9pm 

(520) 305-4262
3502 E Grant Rd
Hours:     Mon–Sat: 11am–3pm, 5pm–9pm
                Sun: 12pm–3pm, 5pm–9pm


Gandhi Cuisine of India
(520) 292-1738
150 W Fort Lowell Rd
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–9pm

India's Oven
(520) 326-8635
2727 N Campbell Ave
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–2:45pm, 5pm–9pm

Kababeque Indian Grill 
(520) 388-4500
845 E University Blvd. #185
Hours:     Everyday: 10:30am–9pm

(520) 624-9393
853 E Grant Rd.
Hours:     Tue–Sun: 11am–2:30pm, 4pm–9pm


(520) 777-8311
15 N Alvernon Way
Hours:     Mon–Thu: 11:30am–10pm
                Fri–Sat: 11:30am–11pm
                Sun: 12pm–10pm

(520) 297-9011
2040 W Orange Grove Rd. #180
Hours:     Mon–Sat: 11am–8pm 

JA Ramen Curry
(520) 800-9569
2643 N Campbell Ave
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–9pm 

Raijin Ramen
(520) 795-3123
2955 E Speedway Blvd.
Hours:     Tues–Sat: 12pm–8pm
                Sun: 4–8pm

(520) 888-6646
5036 N Oracle Rd.
Hours:     Mon–Fri: 11:30am–2:30pm, 5pm–9pm
                Sat–Sun: 12pm–9pm

Toss Fried Chicken and Ramen
(520) 367-4183
1655 S Alvernon Way
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–8:30pm

Wings and Rice
(520) 731-3313
5502 E Pima Rd. # 110
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–8pm

(520) 320-1574
2741 N Campbell Ave.
Hours:    Mon–Thurs: 11am–8pm
               Fri–Sat: 11am–9pm
               Sun: 11am–8pm


HeeMee Bakery & Café
(520) 207-1193
20 E Congress St #110

Kimchi Time
(520) 305-4900
2900 E Broadway Blvd. #186
Hours:     Mon–Thu: 1pm–9pm
                Fri–Sat: 1pm–10pm

(520) 838-0312
4951 E Grant Rd. #115
Hours:     Tue–Thu: 11am–8pm
                Fri: 11am–9pm 
                Sat: 12pm–9pm 
                Sun: 12pm–8pm 

Korea House Restaurant
(520) 325-4377
4030 E Speedway Blvd.
Hours:     Mon–Wed: 11am–9:30pm
                Thu: 11am–9pm
                Fri–Sat: 11am–9:30pm
                Sun: 4:30pm–9pm

Taegukgi Korean BBQ
(520) 367-4219
6118 E Speedway Blvd
Hours:     Everyday: 12pm–9pm

(520) 512-0800
5532 E Speedway Blvd.
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–9pm


Mediterranean, Turkish
(520) 849-7945
2945 E Speedway Blvd
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–9pm

Persian Room
(520) 744-1414
9290 N Thornydale Rd
Hours:     Mon–Thu: 11am–9pm
                Fri–Sat: 11am–10pm
                Sun: 11am–9pm

Shish Kebab House of Tucson
Mediterranean, Greek
(520) 745-5308
5855 E Broadway Blvd
Hours:     Mon–Fri: 11am–8:30pm
                Sat: 11am–9pm
                Sun: 12pm–8pm

Za'atar Mediterranean
(520) 323-4074
2310 N Country Club Rd
Hours:     Tue–Thu: 4pm–8pm
                Fri–Sat: 11am–8pm
                Sun: 4pm–8pm

Zayna Mediterranean
(520) 881-4348
1138 N Belvedere Ave
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–8pm


4 Seasons Tucson
(520) 882-4212
1423 W Miracle Mile
Hours:     Tue–Sun: 10:30am–8:30pm

Karuna's Thai Plate
(520) 325-4129
1917 E Grant Rd
Hours:     Tue–Thu: 12pm–3pm, 5pm–9pm
                Fri: 12pm–3pm, 5pm–10pm
                Sat: 5pm–10pm
                Sun: 5pm–9pm

Sa-Ing Thai Cuisine
(520) 663-5955
9136 E Valencia Rd
Hours:     Mon–Thu: 11am–8pm
                Fri: 11am–8:30pm
                Sat: 4pm–8:30pm
                Sun: 4pm–8pm

Tuk Tuk Thai
(520) 777-7888
2990 N Campbell Ave #130
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–9pm


Ha Long Bay
(520) 571-1338
7245 E Tanque Verde Rd
Hours:     Mon: 3pm–8:30pm
                Tue–Thu: 11am–8:30pm
                Fri–Sat: 11am–9pm
                Sun: 12pm–8:30pm

Miss Saigon
(520) 320-9511
1072 N Campbell Ave.
Hours:     Everyday: 11am–9pm 

Pho Ngan
(520) 347-5413
4951 E Grant Rd Suite 119
Hours:     Mon: 10am–8pm
                Wed–Sun: 10am–8pm

Saigon Pho
(520) 624-0999
943 E University Blvd
Hours:     Mon–Fri: 11am–9pm
                Sat–Sun: 5pm–9pm


*Inclusion on this list is not a sign of endorsement from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion or the University of Arizona.

Gordon Hirabayashi Campground and Recreation Area
N Prison Camp Rd

Yume Japanese Gardens of Tucson
2130 N Alvernon Way
(520) 303-3945
Hours:     Tues–Sat: 9:30am–4:30pm
                Sun: 12pm–5pm