HSI Collaborative Institute

Cultural & Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities (CIELO) integrates travel, multicultural education, and service learning to empower students with knowledge, skills, and values. CIELO is committed to increasing access and participation for traditionally marginalized students including students of color, first generation, DACA, and low-income status students in intentional and domestic experiential learning programs for all University of Arizona students.


The CIELO Collaborative Institute is a professional development program designed for administrators, faculty, staff and graduate students from minority-serving Institutions who are interested in experiencing firsthand the Cultural & Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities (CIELO) Program Model and learning about the key components that have made this model a success. Participants will engage in interactive online pre-departure workshops as they unpack the design, planning, recruitment, and implementation of CIELO programs. Participants will also take part in one of the CIELO programs to not only see the CIELO program in action, but also contribute to its success by actively participating as one of the facilitators. By the end of the program, participants are expected to create a proposal of a CIELO-inspired program at their home institution that highlights their own communities.


The CIELO Collaborative Institute is dedicated to empowering colleagues from minority-serving Institutions to collaboratively design and create inclusive and culturally relevant experiential learning programs that benefit all students, including those who had been historically marginalized.


We create impactful culturally and inclusive experiential learning programs that are accessible to all students.


Puerto Rico 2023: Culture, History & People

Participate in the inaugural cohort of the CIELO Collaborative Institute in Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory with its own unique culture and environment, this summer 2023. Experience Puerto Rican culture through food, art and dance while also exploring the natural wonders like hiking in El Yunque National Rainforest and going on a late-night Bioluminescent Kayak tour. Become more informed about the political context in Puerto Rico by visiting La Fortaleza, meeting with the Governor and participating in service learning projects.



Participants from higher education institutions have the option of applying to the CIELO Collaborative Institute as a cohort or as individual. A cohort consist of a maximum of 2 administrators and a group of 3 students from the same institution. Participants also have the option of applying individually to participate.

Administrator/Faculty/Staff: $4,000 + Airfare

Student: $3,000 + Airfare

Administrator/Faculty/Staff: $1,000 + Airfare