Puerto Rico Program


Participate in the inaugural cohort of the CIELO Collaborative Institute in Puerto Rico this summer 2023.

Experience Puerto Rican culture through food, art and dance while also exploring the natural wonders like hiking in El Yunque National Rainforest and going on a late-night Bioluminescent Kayak tour. Become more informed about the political context in Puerto Rico by visiting La Fortaleza, meeting with the Governor and participating in service-learning projects.



Oct. 1st, 2022: Application opens
Jan. 27th, 2023: Application deadline
Mar. 2023: First online pre-departure workshop
Apr. 2023: Second online pre-departure workshop
May 2023: Third online pre-departure workshop
Jun. 2023: Fourth online pre-departure workshop
Jul. 2023: Participate in the 10 day trip to Puerto Rico
Sep. 2023: Program proposals presentations