Kim Dominguez

Director, Women and Gender Resource Center

Kim Dominguez (she/her/hers) born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, holds her B.A. in Mexican American Studies and Gender and Women Studies. She serves as the Director of the Women & Gender Resource Center (WGRC) and has 5 years’ experience working in WGRC. At WGRC, Kim oversees day-to-day operations of WGRC, she supervises professional and graduate professional staff, manages the Student Services Fee budget and reporting, executes programs, provides leadership, planning and vision for WGRC and Diversity and Inclusion. Kim was honored in the University of Arizona’s Women’s Plaza of Honor in recognition of her achievements in activism, community organizing, ethnic studies, human rights and civil rights for Chicanxs. Kim is a first generation non-traditional and transfer student grad who attended Pima and UA. She has two daughters, Justice and Metztli, loves pizza, chisme, chamoy and supporting students and colleagues in cultural and resource centers.